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jared shelton


Jared Shelton is a founding and essential member of the Esthetic Alliance dental lab. Jared has worked side by side with many world renowned dentists, including the famous Dr. Clayton Chan, to help create some of most beautiful smiles throughout the world. Jaredís extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry is emphasized in the areas of Gneuromuscular orthotics and Gnueromuscular reconstruction and bite management. He is also a master of the most advanced technology associated with cosmetic dentistry. His dedication to functional cosmetic dentistry has led him to Occlusion Connections, where he is an incredible asset to our team.


Jared Sheltonís personal training with Dr. Clayton Chan and Occlusion Connections has given him an edge in neuromuscular reconstruction and bite management. His one on one experience with Dr. Clayton Chan and his continuing education has made him part of an elite group of technicians that understands the new, advanced protocols in Gneuromuscular orthotics. In addition to his advanced training in Gnueromuscular restorations Jared is also a leading CAD/CAM technician. Personally trained by master technicians Lee Culp and Christian Scull, Jared has evolved into an invaluable member of the Esthetic Alliance team.

office & equipment

  • CAD/CAM Equipment
  • Gneuromuscular orthotics
  • Neuromuscular reconstruction and bite management